Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was looking for frathouses. One of my favorite fantasies: Pledge-hazing and paddling. I found some places, but nothing happened there. No people. Not even facilities for spanking, paddling, hazing and m2m-sex! Although they talked in their group-descriptions about those fascinating frat-parties with all the hazing stuff, I only found apartments to rent and shops to bye frat-clothes. Seems they only want to make money...

The boy's house is much more like a fraternity then those frathouses. - But I talked with Jeremy and Vernidi about the chance to build our own frathouse. That would be fun! A house for boys, for hazing, paddling, sex... Some of the boys could rent their own private room. We could have a main bathroom for all, a nice living-room to talk and watch TV, a big hazing-and pledging-room in the basement, a jacuzzi and relaxing-stuff on deck or the roof. Only members would have acceptance to the rooms or people who are invited by members. Just college-jocks; no matures and no minors! And girls only on invitation. We could hang around in underwear or naked and wouldn't hear complains about it. And of course: Every day paddling, hazing, sex, drinking and fun!

Oh, how I like that idea! But I have to learn much more about SL before I'd dare to buy my own land and build my own house. And first of all I had to manage the problem with PayPal. Somehow Linden doesn't accept my Paypal-account though it's officially verified. It's too expensive to buy L$ via ATM!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

i had a favorite university in sl a long time ago.. then it vanished.. so did a school for sex education..

visited a college about a month ago and was treated too rudely to want to go back :(

guess i gots to play with the big boys!